30 Days of Gaming: Day 7


We’ve reached the end of week one readers. That’s a quarter (ish) of the way through the challenge. Getting them all out within the day has been hard at times but here we are at Day 7.

Day 7: Favourite video game couple

Couples are relatively rare in games, particularly in the romantic sense. There aren’t too many that come to mind, since many “couples” aren’t actually in a romantic relationship.

Thero took my first answer (though I’m not actually sure it’s my favourite couple).  A quick browse of the internets gave me today’s response. My favourite couple?

Catherine and Atrus from the Myst series.

From: http://gamersushi.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/atrus-and-catherine.jpg

I wrote about Myst over here, but there is much more to the story than the games. Catherine and Atrus go through a lot in their lives, from their attempts to trap Atrus’ father in a dead world to being trapped themselves in different lands by their sons. Despite these hardship, they ask for help from The Player to escape and reunite with each other. Atrus is particularly protective of his family; reluctant to abandon his sons in their prison worlds and desperate to keep Catherine (and by extension their newborn daughter Yeesha) safe.

Together Catherine and Atrus work to protect not only Yeesha but the worlds that they, and others, have created. They have a seemingly balanced relationship – neither one is more powerful or dominant that the other. Their positions in their relationship – Atrus, the creator, the defender and Catherine, the mother and provider, provide what should be a stable foundation for their family, something Atrus in particular is keen to maintain and provide. The love and devotion to each other even when apart is wonderful to see in gaming, and makes a pleasant change from the usual brief fade-to-blacks we get in modern games. The Player has no involvement in their relationship and as such it feels much more real than perhaps other gaming couples.

From: https://lparchive.org/Riven/Update%2025/8-Boys.jpg

I wouldn’t have chosen Catherine and Atrus if it wasn’t for browsing the internet. I wanted to avoid the standard answers (as always) to the couple question, and on remembering them as characters, I remembered the love you, as the player, feel between them. As much as I love Garrus, Iron Bull and Zevran, those kind of relationships in games feel infinitely less real, and less human, than watching the interactions between Catherine and Atrus through the Myst series.

Tomorrow we get our groove on with my favourite soundtrack.



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