30 Day Gaming Challenge: Day 6


Again with the hard questions. Once more I have to search through my many memories of the games in my past to look for another character. I thought about some of them; Tidus, Vaan, Navi. Same old, same old. Then I looked further back, to my early days on consoles and to my early days of management games. And this:


What makes these guys so annoying? Well, it wasn’t these cover stars that were the annoying ones, it was this guy.

The Advisor, or “Buzzy” as he is also known, appears in many forms. He begins in this quasi-insect form, but somehow manages to find a dressing up box somewhere and also dons the outfits of all the other employees of the park you build.

Buzzy is supposed to help you get your park started and running. He pops up in the corner of the screen frequently, to tell you stuff you don’t need to know, or already know, and by the end of the game he has nothing of use to say. But Khin, that’s a common thing in most games nowadays, what makes him so special? What makes him so annoying?

Each ‘level’ was themed – halloween, sci fi, jungle. Each theme had a different version of Buzzy wearing a themed costume. The guy for the jungle levels wore a hat. And crashed the game almost everytime we loaded it. We had to play the whole game trying to avoid that guy. It meant we couldn’t play every level even if we wanted to.

As an advisor, narrator and tutorial provider, I accepted Buzzy as a necessary evil. But when the guy who is supposed to help me keep my park running crashes it all, I find that only a little bit, tiny bit, annoying.

Another hard question for tomorrow – my favourite video game couple.