30 Days of Video Games: 2


Welcome to Day 2 of the 30 Day Video Game Challenge. A big thank you to all of you who read, commented or otherwise got involved with my Day 1 post yesterday.

Today the challenge is: Your Favourite Character

Let’s Go!

Day 2: Your Favourite Character

Day 2 of this challenge has me considering all the characters, good and bad, that I have come across in my many years of gaming. Characters from games I’ve recently played come to mind easily – I adore Prompto from FFXV, Hancock from Fallout 4 and most of my villagers from Animal Crossing. If I consider characters from games in my less recent past, it becomes infinitely more difficult to choose a favourite.

Favourites change as we age, making it more difficult to judge a true favourite. Our criteria for favouritism changes, and we identify with different ascpects as we grow up. Repeated playthoughs of games also makes it difficult to judge which character gets the honour of favourite. In reality, my list of favourites (of any type, not just gaming) tend to be fluid lists, with entries moving around depending on who I identify with the most at a given time. For the sake of my sanity and this challenge, I present my favourite character:

Lulu from FFX

Sassy, sensible and more caring than she seems, Lulu gives off an angry goth kind of vibe, but actually just wants her friends and family to be happy. Despite her stern and stoic appearance, Lulu is actually quite motherly towards the younger members of the group. She guides Yuna through her pilgrimage, whilst still giving her the space and freedom to grow and make her own decisions. I find the relationships between her and the rest of the group particularly interesting. With Yuna and Rikku, she is a mother figure, despite being around the same age. With Tidus she can be stern, but isn’t against teaching him about the world he finds himself in. She respects Auron for his past service and their shared experiences, whilst she respects Kimahri for his loyalty and dedication to Yuna. It’s her relationship with Wakka that I find most intriguing. Wakka finds her stern and scary, but like an older sister. They have a complex, constantly fluctuating relationship and I really like the way it develops through the game and into FFX-2.

As a fighter, she chooses black magic (assuming you choose the default Sphere Grid), and uses stuffed mascots to aid her. She remains useful throughout the game, and becomes pretty powerful by the end, and even gets her mascots in on the action.

Picking Lulu was quite difficult, especially from one of the more underrated Final Fantasys. FFX has some strong and entertaing characters, but it is Lulu who wins out over them. I admire her qualities and hope I have some of them myself.