Chronicle: Runescape Legends- A Legendary Card Game?

Now, I know what you guys are thinking, Thero this is just a Hearthstone clone. A quick glance at Chronicle: Runescape Legends, will probably leave you with that impression. And yes, on the surface it does look like Jagex, the company behind Runescape, may have done just that; but if you join me in delving beneath the surface, you may find there is more to this game than you initially thought…

Chronicle: Runescape Legends is developed and published by Jagex. It is a free to play card game, where your goal is to use your hero to reduce your opponent’s life points to zero, before they do the same to you. Sounds familiar? Well, how you reduce your opponent’s life points is where Chronicle is different. Over the course of five rounds, you will play your cards against your hero. That’s right, the monsters you summon, your hero fights in order to get stronger or earn gold. That’s not to say you can’t interfere with your opponent, you can steal their gold or even do direct damage to their life points. Basically, in the five rounds before the final fight, you do everything you can to make the fight go in your favour. There seems to be far more strategy involved and less ‘let’s summon the strongest monster to kill your opponent’. And this gameplay is what makes Chronicle different to the other free to play card games out there at the moment. In fact, I would say that the Guild of Dungeoneering and Hand of Fate have more in common with Chronicle.

Time to pit your hero against some monsters.

Now, let’s talk about the game modes. Currently, there are four different game modes available: Solo, where you play against AI; Casual, one off matches against other people; Ranked, play against other players in a ranked competition for prizes and Dungeoneering, a draft mode where you play against other people for the chance to win prizes. I must admit, I wish Chronicle had more unique game modes, as all of the ones it has, I’ve seen in other card games. That being said, with the four heroes you can play and the couple of hundred cards currently available to collect, there is still plenty of diversity in the game. Another slight misstep is the limited number of heroes you can play. At the moment, there is only five: The Raptor, a warrior; Ariane, a mage; Orzan, a thief; Linza, a blacksmith and Vanescula, a vampire. It would have been nicer if more of the heroes were a bit more unique, like the vampire and blacksmith; but Jagex can always add more heroes later, so this isn’t a big negative.

I’m guessing you guys are probably thinking, so how is Jagex going to take from our wallets for booster packs? To be honest, not as much as you would expect. With the daily quests and money gained from winning games, you can easily play Chronicle for free without ever paying actual money for cards. But if you were inclined to part with your cash, then the price for the booster packs isn’t any different to Hearthstone. If I’m honest, there isn’t much pressure to buy more cards as you can earn packs early on by fighting the AI or levelling your heroes up to level 10. This is a big positive, as you can try the game out and get into the more competitive game modes, Dungeoneering and Ranked without feeling like you need to commit money to have a competitive deck to play.

So many cards…

One of the things that stood out for me was the art style.  The game board is like a pop-up book and each turn takes place in a different scene of the book. At the moment there are only a limited number of scenes, but each is so beautiful and different in location, that you won’t really mind. Also, a lot of this game is animated- your character moves across the board, spells have visual effects; and all the heroes and allies have voices. This level of detail sets Chronicle apart from other card games, which are far more limited in their animations and art work.

There is one negative that is currently affecting my game, server connection issues. Now this may only be affecting players on Steam but about 75% of the time, I am currently having to restart the game in order to get it to connect to the server. Which is a great way to kill someone’s desire to play the game. Like I said, this may only be affecting Steam players, however if Jagex does not resolve this issue, it is quite an obstacle for some players to put up with.

Thero after the fifth time she is disconnected from the server… in a day.

Overall, I love Chronicle: Runescape Legends. It’s definitely not a Hearthstone clone, the developers have clearly chosen to go down a different gameplay route. There are some issues that plague the game but Jagex is updating the game quite frequently, so these issues may be resolved in the near future. If you are looking for a card game that offers a different type of gameplay to what is currently on offer, then Chronicle may be what you are looking for. So what are you waiting for? Grab your hero, gather your monsters and prepare to take down your opponent!




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Last played on 27/06/16.

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