efwaGames : I Am Alive, Part 17

Good weekend, my lovelies!

We’ve made it! It’s here! The end of this masterpiece of rubbish! Yup, I’m finally going to outright state it – this game is just plain crap. It has an interesting setting, and so much could be explored about the people having to live in such a world, or maybe just exactly what happened could be unearthed. Actually, scratch that, the game could explore the story of character you’re playing as and what he’s doing in this city!

The game, as you’ll know if you’ve been following, starts with this man returning to a ruined city in an attempt to find his family. He then gets somewhat distracted, meets a couple of people, and then the rest of the game focuses on risking this character’s life running errands for these strangers. As for actual gameplay, there is very little other than extremely clunky combat controls and even worst climbing/parkour-ing. The latter of those being the majority of the game – climbing…always climbing, and it’s always the same.

As for the game’s conclusion – the ending of the story for this main character – I won’t just give it away in writing. It’s better if you watch it so that you can understand what I’m about to say about it: it’s disappointing, sudden, and just crap. It leaves me with the impression that the developers had more of a story to tell, ran out of time and/or funding, and just had to slap on an ending. But there is one good thing – IT’S OVER!

This video was wholly created by Kurt, with additional input by Niki. “I Am Alive” was created by Ubisoft and Kurt claims no ownership over it. Don’t forget that you can keep up with Upon Completion via our Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/uponcompletion/
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This video originally aired on 21st March, 2016.

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