1st Spring, Year 1


I’ve done it! I now live in Stardew Valley, at Gramp’s Completion Farm. It was a long bus ride from the city, but I had help moving my small amount of stuff in, and a lovely lady named Robin met me at the bus stop and showed me the way to my new house. It seems Gramps was well loved in the village, since the Mayor was waiting for me. I have to be honest, the place needs a spring clean and a little bit of love, but it’s cozy with the fire lit. I need some more lighting in here though.


At Mayor Lewis’s advice, I went to explore the village nearby and say hello to my new neighbours. There’s a lot of people in the village, considering how far away from anywhere else it is, but it’s such a nice change from the city. There’s a lot of people to meet, and a fair few places to go and investigate, so I’ll have to pace myself if I want to also get some stuff done at the farm. After all, I can’t go round owning a farm and not farming! With that in mind, I found the local shop and stocked up on some seeds. Parsnips seemed cheap and easy to grow, which will get me into the swing of things, and after discussion with the shopkeeper, Pierre, I bought some cauliflower seeds as they will see me some good money later in the season.

I came back this afternoon to start working, and got into it, but I may have over done it now. I got some space cleared and got those seeds planted and watered. And now I need to go lie down.