efwaGames : I Am Alive, Part 13

Happy Saturday, fellows and fellowettes!

Firstly, yes “fellowettes” is a word…according to Urban Dictionary, at least. Secondly, the next instalment in the I Am Alive series. We left off having started taking out naughty men in hotel, whereby they were holding women and forcing them to do, well, whatever they wished. Here we search for Mei’s mother. It turns out to not be quite as simple as one might expect, especially when getting jumped by several men in a narrow corridor and with the stupid aiming system not playing ball.

This video was wholly created by Kurt, with additional input by Niki. “I Am Alive” was created by Ubisoft and Kurt claims no ownership over it.Don’t forget that you can keep up with Upon Completion via our Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/uponcompletion/
Alternatively, we now have a Tumblr which can be found at:

This video originally aired on 3rd February, 2016.

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