Free To Play Array, Part 07 – The Static Speaks My Name

This article is part of a series. The first part can be found here : Free To Play Array, Part 01 – AdVenture Capitalist

Continuing the theme of free to play games I “discovered” through Steam, this week I will share my feelings on The Static Speaks My Name.

SSN01 - Title 01

The Static Speaks My Name is a short, first person experience. You start amongst the stars and move over to a void. As you approach, you are given some details of a person before moving into it.

SSN02 - Game 01

You are awoken by your alarm and the game sets you your first objective: Use the bathroom. Upon completing your task, the game sets you a number of them and reveals it’s true nature. It is a very simple direction and works effectively.
The environment is also littered with pieces of a life which only serves to raise more questions. Despite the timeframe being approximately 10 minutes, you could easily lose yourself in examining all the minutia of the character’s life.

SSN03 - Game 02

It is hard to talk about The Static Speaks My Name without spoiling it. It plays off of the mundanity and uses it’s short timeframe to perfect effect.
It is a very strong advocate for using the player’s time to maximise an experience. The Static Speaks My Name is a simple setup, in a simple environment and uses the tropes of it’s medium to create a compelling piece that will linger in my mind, for quite some time.

SSN04 - Game 03

As I said above, it is only a short experience and I personally think it is worth your time. There is no real downside to adding it to your library unless you are very sensitive to some of the imagery.
There are appropriate tags on the Steam store page, so you may wish to check it if that last sentence alarmed you.

SSN05 - Game 04

Honestly, there is nothing more I can say.
It is an interesting piece which I recommend.

All pieces of imagery were provided by the static. Ellie listens and does as it says, including uploading the images it leaves in her care. The static hopes you enjoyed them as much as it enjoyed creating them for you.
Last played and completed on 17/02/16 for Steam.
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