efwaGames : I Am Alive, Part 10

Merry February, you beautiful people!

Get yourself nice and comfy for the 10th part of the I Am Alive series – a title that I guess has some relevance to the game in that you are, in fact, playing as a living being moving about the city, and also serves as a reminder that I, Kurt, am actually still among the living. I am completely aware that my posts have been missing for about a month now and this directly related to my day-job being ridiculously hectic at the moment, having a wedding coming up very soon also, general family stuff, etc, etc. I really do apologise.

Back to why you’re actually here – the game! Having located Henry, we are now equipped with a bow and a single arrow (that we can, fortunately, retrieve after firing) and asked to go back out into the city to locate the source of a radio signal and acquire the transmitter. Though, whilst on our travels, we happen upon a familiar situation.

This video was wholly created by Kurt, with additional input by Niki. “I Am Alive” was created by Ubisoft and Kurt claims no ownership over it.
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This video originally aired on 24th December, 2015.

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