The UC Gaming Club : What’s Next?

This is just a quick post, but a post nonetheless. I have assessments approaching and between the gloom and the workload, things are a little tight.

Following the completion of Season 01 of Telltale’s The Walking Dead, The UC Gaming Club is looking to its next series. We already planned to play the bonus episode of TWD, 400 Days, but have been debating whether it would work better alongside Season 02, as a prequel. The decision is still pending for now…

What we know for sure is that we want a break from Telltale Games and are likely going to choose a roguelike of some sort and compare notes and feelings on the game. I had decided that I wanted to play Darkest Dungeon and have been holding back on touching it, so it will certainly be a contender. The Binding Of Isaac is another consideration, though I have invested a lot of time and tears into it already. I have also suggested some random Roguelikes which I have no preconceptions of, such as Pixel Pirates [?], though they could be utter trash; still something to write about though!

We are also hoping to play through Telltale’s Game Of Thrones as neither I nor Khinjarsi have played beyond episode 01 or watched any lets plays. We still want a break from their games though, so that will be scheduled for the new year; don’t you worry.

Whatever we plan, we will let you know. If you have any suggestions or opinions on the info above, please let us know. All ideas are valid.

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