efwaGames : Extra Life Charity Stream

Salutations all!

Just wanted to make a quick post to say that I am taking part of a charity event called Extra Life! It’s something I’ve done for the past two years and, basically, it is a charity that raises money for children’s hospitals across the US by people getting sponsored for playing games (video games and/or board games) for 24 hours. Now, they do say fundraisers are free to break that 24 hours into as many sessions of any length as they wish, but I personally feel it is more of an incentive for sponsors/donators if I take the challenge and do it all in one go!

This means from 9am BST on Saturday 24th October I will start my event and won’t stop until the earliest of 8am (the clocks are changing that weekend in the UK) the following day. I say “the earliest” because I do try to continue for as long as I can beyond the official time – my first year I managed 29 hours, while sadly last year I only managed 25 hours.

Fundraisers are able to pick the hospital their donations will go to and seeing as I’m not a citizen of the US, I cannot simply pick my local hospital. In the long list of hospitals to choose from, only three are described as specialising in treating International children. Of these I have picked the Boston’s Children’s Hospital, as the information on their service and research impresses me the most. If you’d like to support me in this event, and thus support a children’s hospital, please follow the link below and click “Support Me”:

efwaGames @ Extra Life

Also, to prove that I do actually put in the hours, and for the general entertainment of anyone wanting to check it out, I will be streaming the whole thing on Twitch! So whether you choose sponsor me, or if you’d just like to hang out and have a bit of a chat while I play some games, feel free to stop by – EVERYONE is welcome! You can find my Twitch channel via the link below:

efwaGames @ Twitch

I think that about covers everything. Just for the sake of it I’ll leave my Extra Life reminder video below. If you have any questions, do please let me know. Otherwise, I hope to see as many of you as possible during my stream.
Take care!