The UC Gaming Club : Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Season 01, Episode 02

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Welcome back to The UC Gaming Club.
In this session, we will be continuing with Telltale’s The Walking Dead and discussing Episode 02; Starved For Help.

TWD01 - Title 01

This Episode starts three months after the events of Episode 01. Autumn has come and everyone has been holed up at the motel we left off at. Defences have been built up and a new addition has joined the group.
The camera takes us to Lee, lurking in the words behind one of the undead. Lee drops an axe into the zombie’s skull and sees it was feasting on a bunny rabbit. We are then introduced to the new member of the group, Mark. We discover that he arrived with a RV [Recreational Vehicle or a Camper Van, for us Brits.] loaded with food, which allowed him a welcome entry. Unfortunately, food is running low and regular hunting sessions are now occurring, one of which we are on now.
Ellen : This is a cool little intro and puts Mark in a good light, in my mind. It is also nice to see a warmer, Autumnal colour palette after the barrage of grey we received in Episode 01. Lee is rocking some new clothes and looks much more comfortable and approachable, than he did in his prison threads.

TWD03 - Mark 01

Mark chats with Lee and fills in some Exposition before trying to take a shot at a bird.
Ellen : I advised not to shoot it. It was a crow and hardly a meal for one, let alone nine…


TWD04 - Strangers 01

Silence falls briefly before a scream resounds through the forest. We run through the words and come to a clearing where two teenagers and an adult are. The adult seems to have been caught in a bear trap [hence the screaming.] and the students are bickering on what to do.
Kenny appears and questions the group on what to do as zombies start to appear along the tree line. The adult claims to be the teacher of the teenagers [Travis and Ben] and really wants to be free.
Ellen : I looked at the situation and, with my axe in hand, the obvious choice seemed to be to chop his leg off. I didn’t *really* want to do this, so I tried breaking the chain. Mark informed me of how futile this was, so I abandoned it and examined the trap. It turns out, this wasn’t just a normal trap; this had been modified to remove any safety clips… This was concerning.
Then, due to errors with the interface, I ended up examining things rather than acting on them. Eventually, I got around to axing at the teachers leg. What I didn’t expect, was for Kenny to pull Lee away and insist we leave before I could finish cutting the teacher free…?!

TWD05 - Trap 01

Travis protests at leaving his teacher and goes to grab at Mark’s rifle. In the flurry, Travis gets shot by Mark.
Ellen : Kenny questioned the situation and I said Travis went for the gun; which is true. We ended up leaving the teacher but carrying Travis back to camp.
Khin : In my game, I managed to get the whole leg hacked off before we had to run. The leg hacking wasn’t particularly pleasant for me. I studied Archaeology and Forensics at uni and saw some grim things, but I can’t manage watching and listening to amputations. I couldn’t watch the arm hacking in 127 Hours and I couldn’t manage this bit in TWD. Still, off the leg came and instead Travis got chomped on as soon as he finished throwing up.
Ellen : Did you carry the teacher back to camp, then?
Khin : Yeah, we half drag, half support him back to camp.

TWD07 - Horde 01
Ellen : I really like this shot. The contrast of colours really gives the dead the feel of sucking life from the world. Just something I noticed.

We are shown some establishing shots of the motel. Things look bleak as people are sitting about, doing their own thing, while Clementine kicks a football endlessly against a barrel.
Ellen : This series of images was a little depressing as everyone seems so devoid of life, especially Clem. At a glance, you would be excused for writing them off as a bunch of zombies… Everyone has had updates to their costumes and are all looking appropriate for the season; Doug doesn’t have his cute, polar bear shirt anymore. *sighs*
Khin : It’s a depressing scene, alright. To see Clem so despondent is heart-breaking…

TWD08 - Clementine 01

Lily manages to refrain from shooting the hunting party as they break out of the treeline and return to the Motel. Upon their arrival, arguments flare up as the rest of the survivors are not happy about additional people joining the group.
Ellen : This seemed a little extreme to me, but I get where Lily and Larry were coming from. It just seemed like Lily was expecting Lee to automatically side with her without her having any knowledge on the circumstances. I tried to explain to her, that we were responsible for their injuries, but she seemed pretty irrational and Kenny didn’t help things… *sighs*
Khin : Lily and Larry’s character problems are brought up again here. They swing wildly (particularly Lily) from one emotion to another and make huge skips and jumps in logic. Both her and Kenny get angry with Lee for not choosing their side (I tried to remain neutral here) and don’t listen to reason. Kenny expects Lee to defend his decisions no matter how stupid they are, and thinks only about the boat in Savannah.

TWD10 - Kenny 01

Lily protests about how everyone looks to her for guidance but complains about her decisions and delegates the rationing to Lee, for the evening.
Ellen : Here, I took some time to visit everyone and dispense the munchies. I helped Katjaa with Travis’ injuries and had a little whinge about her husband. She kinda agreed with me, but that didn’t really surprise me.
I went to talk with Doug and found he had been making an alarm system for the motel; combining strings and bells to create a number of tripwires at locations, so we can track where intruders are approaching from. I gave him an apple to thank him for his services.
Next, I headed over to see Mark and Larry. I was chatting with Mark, so Larry interrupted with some bigoted remarks about how he was the only one doing any real work and that he should have my axe. I gave it to Mark and told Larry to get used to being treated like dirt, since he treats me like filth on his shoe. He didn’t take so well to that. Mark received some Jerky since, y’know, it was his food supply…
After shaking off Larry’s barrage, I went to see Ben. I offered him some crackers since we left his teacher for dead and shot his friend… He was sat, drawing with Clem and Duck, so he can’t be all bad.
I declined to keep the last pack of crackers for myself and gave them to Clem. I checked in with her, to make sure she was okay and discovered she had lost her hat. I promised to find it and then things kicked off.
Larry and Kenny both gave me an earful for leaving their families without food. Clem even chimed in saying that Duck was hungry; like I care about that troublemaker, Clem?!

TWD18 - Clem 03
Ellen : Clementine is just too cute to leave hungry…

Khin : Carley hasn’t any of the technical know-how that Doug has and hasn’t rigged up any sort of trip-wire alarm system. Instead you find her child-minding Duck and Clem (and Ben). I helped Katjaa with David (the teacher), catching up with her about Kenny’s attitude and holding pressure on the missing leg. On talking to Mark and Larry, I gave Larry the axe, hoping he’d shut up and stop getting on my back. Mark looked a little forlorn at this but given that I barely know him (as the player), I was ok with my decision. Larry still sucks.


Then I pottered over to the creche. Carley is watching over them, so I talked to each of them in turn. I spoke to Clem and naturally gave her some munchies. Duck got some too (part reward for keeping out the way and part because I know Kenny would like it). Ben is sat in shock so I offered some food to him (purely medical logic), and left the kids to doodle. I shouted up the van to Lily, who was once again flip-flopping between “happy to talk to you” and “sod off”. I think I offered her the last of the food too, since she’s on watch. I can’t remember what I said to Kenny, but he was miffed that I had remained neutral in the Lily-Kenny argument.

TWD12 - Lee 01

Katjaa asks for Kenny and Lee to come over and informs them that Travis/David has died. Kenny storms off and Lee stays with Katjaa. While making your choice on what to say, zombie Travis/David attacks Katjaa and a quick time event [QTE] occurs.
Ellen : This really surprised me. The sudden injection of haste to a seemingly mundane conversation really caught me off guard. I was paying attention to the dialogue options and missed the corpse fumbling around to get itself up.
Khin : I knew this was coming but it still made me jump. It doesn’t seem to matter how quick you are with the button presses, the zombie attack is quicker.

TWD19 - Travis 02

Ellen : The QTE itself was pretty stressful. There is a lot of rapid movement in a short amount of time and some of the controls were a little tricky to discern. At one point, I essentially had to shake the mouse from side to side, to get Lee to slam the zombie’s head into the sides of the pickup truck. Mark runs over with the Axe I gave him and jams it in the back of the pickup truck and Doug joined in with a chunk of wood; bashing it into the zombie’s head.
Khin : Larry has the axe in my game, so over he ‘rushes’ (he obviously doesn’t hate me that much), and also gets it stuck in the back of the truck. There I was insulting Larry for his lack of chopping skills.
Ellen : The final part of the event involves pushing the zombie towards Mark, so he can axe it in the head. The problem I had was I couldn’t see the on-screen prompt and didn’t know what to do, so I got munched on by the zombie, the first time. *sighs*
Khin : Carley ends this little horror show by shooting the zombie.

TWD20 - Travis 03

TWD21 - Ben 02

People start shouting at Ben because he said Travis/David hadn’t been bitten, but he obviously turned. This is when everyone finds out that the infection isn’t just spread through bites; you merely have to be dead and have your brain intact. Everyone is pretty shocked by this revelation before some strangers are seen outside the motel.
Ellen : Everyone was alerted to the strangers presence by Doug’s high security alarm system. Mark even mentions it outright, and Doug seems a little offended that people doubted him; it made me chuckle.
Khin : Without Doug’s Trusty Alarm-O-Matic (TM), the group hear voices/movement and react accordingly. Without prior warning, Carley assumes guard duty and aims her sights at the strangers.


The strangers introduce themselves as Andy and Danny St John. They are looking for fuel to power the generators at their farm and are willing to trade food. The group find out that the generators are powering an electric fence at a dairy farm and there is LOTS of food available.
Ellen : With a vague recollection of what occurs, I declined the offer to visit the farm. Regardless, everyone deemed me crazy and took a vote on what to do, the unanimous decision being to go. Doug just wanted to see the fence and Larry wanted food; fatso… -_-
Khin : Ellen, you should know better than to think saying no will change a plot device! Since I know I’ll end up there anyway, I volunteered to go check it out, with Carley, Mark and Ben tagging along.

TWD25 - Walk 01

A handful of the group travel with Andy and Danny to the farm. Andy asks a lot of questions about how the group are surviving, almost as if he is trying to scope out the quality of the motel’s defences.
Ellen : I remained distant with these answers. I mentioned we were working as a democracy and everyone was capable of surviving. When they asked how many of us there were, I changed the subject to Ben and his recent arrival. I felt it was very intrusive to be asking such questions, as a pair of new people to the party. I’m also presuming that we gave them some fuel; no idea where it came from though…
Khin : I assume the fuel came from the cars that were at the motel and siphoned manually out the tanks. As for the interrogation, I stuck to answers that told the dairy boys we were capable of surviving and defending ourselves. After all, this is the apocalypse and why would you not be prepared to defend what you have?

TWD27 - Bandits 01

On the way to the farm, the group encounter a couple of bandits arguing. Things get heated and one of them shotguns the others. I’d have said they shot them, but this guy unloads four or five rounds into his partner’s body. It is pretty extreme, even in an apocalypse.
The group reach the farm and it seems pretty idyllic (and therefore not at all suspicious, right?). The mother of the two boys comes to greet everyone at the gate and gives the party a basket of bread, I think. She explains that she wouldn’t have been able to make them without milk and butter which their cow provides, although she is quite ill. Mark jumps in stating that we have a vet and that Doug and Ben should go and bring her. The mother says she will cook a big dinner for everyone while they go and retrieve the rest of the group.

TWD28 - Farm 01
Ellen : I guess it is hard to argue that this place doesn’t look magical, considering what else is occurring in the world…

Ellen : When we received the bread, there was a nice moment where the camera panned and showed Doug stuffing his face. It was pretty amusing and I am anticipating a lot more humour with Doug in my party. I advised we check the farm was secure before moving the entire group to the farm, but I’m not sure that it actually sank in to anyone’s brains; they all seemed so lovestruck with the farmhouse run by strangers.
Khin : It really annoys me when Mark jumps in to declare we have a vet in the group. Yes, it will help the cow, but now you’re revealing things about the group. What else are you going to blab? No-one stuffs their face in my version, but Carley and Ben return to the motel to fetch the others.

TWD30 - Doug 02
Doug : Seriously? You totally shouldn’t have given me this basket!

This opens up a new area to wander around in.
Ellen : I went and chatted with Andy. He was interested in how many weapons we had, so I tried to ascertain how many HE had. He seemed so interested in our defences and it made me uncomfortable, so I wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine. He actually seemed a little taken aback.
I went up to patio and found a bunch of rope in the shoe box… Lee said something about knowing where to look for rope, but I have no idea if that will lead to anything. The mother didn’t want any help with cooking and blocked me from entering the house, so I wondered back over to Andy and “fix the perimeter.”
Khin : Nothing much different to report from me. I really don’t trust the brothers, particularly Danny, so only speak to them to forward the plot.

TWD31 - Patrol 01

Mark and Lee go to walk along the perimeter and discuss the days events while clearing off the fence.
Ellen : Lee complained about Mark telling Larry his feelings. That being said, I continued to whinge about Larry; he is a total butthole. We cleared a couple of zombies off and Mark asked me about Andy and Danny. I played a little dumb and he said he would have my back; I like Mark.
Khin : I hold little regard for Mark – he seems too much of a redshirt to invest emotions into him. I didn’t appreciate his comments to Larry.

TWD35 - Arrow 01

After pushing the last section of fence up, from the outside, the fence bursts into life as a group attacks Lee and Mark. Mark takes an arrow to the shoulder and then you have to manage the situation.
Ellen : This bore some similarities to the motel puzzle in Episode 01, though a little less obtuse. Even without the bubble markers, I was able to work this out; chock under front wheel, low stuck in the ground.
It was interesting to listen to the dialogue of the attackers. They were shouting about having all their food stolen… Hmmm, I know some people who claim to have lots of food!
It was cool to have a bit of free-hand control, too. After the tractor gets rolling, you have free reign over Lee’s movements. I particularly like the last stretch when you have the zombie chasing you as well; very climactic. My only issue with the whole scene was right at the end, when Lee kicks open the gates and runs. The bandits say “Go ahead and run; we’ll get you sometime.” but they could walk through the gates and get them RIGHT NOW…?!
Khin : I know they’re under attack, but leaving the gate open leaves you open to attack later. Also, how far from the main house is this field?

TWD37 - Tractor 02

You get back to the farm as everyone else arrives. Conversation sparks up about Mark’s arrow-to-the-shoulder and it is revealed that Andy and Danny knew about the bandits. They appeased them previously with food, in exchange for protection. It would seem that has fallen through though.
Ellen : Lee asked why Ben and Doug aren’t present and it turned out that Doug ate most of the biscuits[?!] on his way to the motel, so he was left on guard duty as he had his share of food already.
Khin : Carley and Ben ate through most of my rations – given that the mother (Brenda?) said earlier that she needed both the milk and butter from the cow, I assume these were cakes or biscuits of some sort.
Ellen : The way it was presented, I got the impression that Ben didn’t get any biscuits; just Doug!

TWD38 - Clem 04
Ellen : I really don’t like Duck, but this image does make me smile.

You have another opportunity to catch up with some different members of your party before joining with Danny to make a reconnaissance mission on the bandit camp.
Ellen : I chatted with Kenny and Clem as they were all over by the swing. Kenny had a go at me for wanting to leave the farm as he thought it was me trying to throw his family to the dogs like I did at the Drug Store… Seriously?!
I was happy to talk with Clementine because she wanted to sit on the swing and it meant Duck’s fun was ruined for a moment. She was happy at the farm and I declined to tell her that she was safe here. I don’t trust it at all…
Khin : I can’t remember how Kenny reacted to me. I wanted Clem to enjoy the moment on the swing and told her that hopefully this place would be safe. Hope can be a powerful thing.

TWD40 - Swing 02

After heading up to the patio, you journey into the woods with Danny and look for the bandit camp. You eventually stumble upon a tent, with some covered tables and a campfire. It appears to be abandoned and Danny expects you to examine it all.
Ellen : I found a bunch of junk, for the most part. The most noteworthy items were a broken video camera and a box from the dairy. Apart from that, none of it registered with me. Danny said the box had been traded to the bandits for peace, but I wasn’t so sure… Eventually I was allowed to look in the tent and found a rather sobering scene; a bloodstained teddy, a cracked photo of a mother and daughter and, most importantly, Clementine’s Hat…

TWD41 - Camp 01

Before you can question the scene, a lady with a crossbow appears behind the pair. She seems pretty unhinged and pretty wary of Danny and Lee. She rambles on about her daughter being taken and who it is Lee’s fault.
Ellen : I kept asking questions. I think at every opportunity, you were given the choice to shoot her, but I didn’t. I wanted to establish what she was talking about, but Danny screwed that up for me by gunning her down and taking her crossbow, without any shred of remorse. Screw you, Danny…
Khin : I, too, kept asking questions, since shooting her straight off the bat wouldn’t help anyone. Danny gets far too nervous about what secrets she may reveal about the dairy farm and seems happy enough to put a bullet through her head.

TWD44 - Camp 04

You return to the farm and find everyone getting hungry for dinner. Katjaa and the children are in the barn tending to the moo-cow while Lily and Kenny are arguing about something; does it really matter at this point? It is kinda set in stone that they will just be arguing indefinitely…
Ellen : I briefly chatted with Lily and Larry chimed in about being grumpy… *yawn* I then headed into the barn. Little did I know there were puzzle pieces out here which I should have investigated to save some time, later…

TWD45 - Kenny 03
Kenny : This is our thing now, y’hear me?!

In the barn, you find the happy farm folk with the moo-cow. It is all very sweet, but Kenny has other motives which aren’t so cuddly. He reckons there is something afoot in the back room of the barn. Apparently Andy rushed to seal it off when everyone entered and now Kenny wants to see what was obscured by the doors. He asks you to cause a distraction and get back there.
Ellen : I, foolishly, didn’t look about outside and spent several minutes wandering around this barn, examining everything I cloud find, for clues. Nothing occurred. Eventually I quizzed Kenny and he said to make a distraction outside the barn, to lure Andy out… I facepalmed and went outside to find the generator.
After dabbling with the generator, I found Andy would check on it when it turned off. I eventually found a toolbox with a multitool in it and removed the drive belt from the generator. I kinda thought Andy would suspect sabotage when he noticed a vital piece of the generator had just vanished…
Khin : I’m glad I’m not the only one that thought this. It’s clearly not fallen off, it’s not there at all?!
Ellen : I showed the tool to Kenny and the dinner bell was rung. Kenny said he would cover for me if I went into the back room. Great; I do the dirty work for you while you go and eat a feast. Thanks Kenny, thanks a lot…
Cleverly, rather than breaking the bolt, Lee opts to unscrew the clasp so the door falls open. This QTE seemed a little tedious to me; having to unscrew each screw individually felt tiresome and like it was playing for time, if you could call it “playing.” I guess it could be defended as creating tension but I would dispute that…

TWD52 - Latch 01

Ellen : I entered the room and found the farm’s abattoir. The game played this as a big shock reveal, but I didn’t really feel the surprise. The farm is going to make the most of their livestock and eating the weak moo-cows seems efficient, if not a little heartless. I mean, the place was particularly messy and I feel it would have been kept cleaner, but I was honestly expecting some human limbs scattered about the place… Oh well…

TWD53 - Abattoir 01

Andy saunters up behind you and seems rather unperturbed by the fact you broke into his family’s slaughterhouse. He explains that his mother doesn’t like the mess being in the house, so it occurs out here and he locked it up to keep the kids away from the viscera.
He encourages you to go to dinner as everyone will get the good bits before you if you wait around. Upon walking into the house, you see everyone sat around the table, except Mark, so you ask to go and wash your hands. Queue the next puzzle sequence.

TWD55 - Dinner 01

Ellen : I found to be a little vague as you are assumed to be curious and wander away from dinner. I don’t actually know if you could go and sit at the table, unaware of what else is actually going on… I should have tried it…
I crept into the bathroom and washed my hands. I checked the medicine cupboard for clues, but it was all pretty mundane. With this in mind, I decided to creep up the stairs, with typical instances of creaky boards and potential exposure. This was well arranged and nice piece of tension expressed through Lee’s movement and facial expressions.

TWD56 - Stairs 01

On the landing, I followed a strange, red cable to a cupboard and examined the contents. There were numerous packs of medical supplies and a large amount of Morphine… Curious… A sudden knock resonated through the wall, so I wandered into the bedroom, behind.
The room was completely bare, with some blood smears on the floor, moving towards a bookcase; a classic Telltale moment occurred. I could tell there was a room behind the bookcase, but the game wouldn’t let me investigate. I looked around the landing, the cupboard and the bedroom and nothing was revealed, so I resigned to walking back down the stairs. Before I could take a step downward, another desperate knock thudded and kept me on the landing.
Eventually I brute-forced the set of cables in the bottom of the cupboard, which I had already tried, and Lee connected them and turned on a light, behind the bookcase. This allowed me to move the bookcase and uncover a mangy-looking en-suite bathroom, with Mark lying on the floor, legless.

TWD58 - Mark 03
Ellen : Yeah… That is one of Mark’s stumps…

Mark lies in his own blood and quickly explains that Brenda had his legs removed and was intending to serve them to everyone, downstairs. It dawns on you that everyone, including Clementine, is about to eat human flesh, so you rush to interrupt.
Ellen : I rushed downstairs and shouted the truth at the party. Of course, Larry wanted to argue in the favour of the cannibals; dammit, Larry! I managed to get there before Clem ate anything and explained everything as clearly and truthfully as I could. I was really surprised when Brenda calmly confirmed everything, saying “Those things outside are eating humans and wasting away. We may as well get some use from the bad people, out there.” or something along those lines.

TWD60 - Brenda 02

Everyone was pretty shocked, but Kenny tried to say “Hey, I told you this place was bad.” despite me being the only one who objected to going to this farm and Kenny telling Lily that we should stay. Kenny, you are a bigot!
I thought the party may have wondered why the two farm boys had their weapons at the dinner table, considering how “safe” their farm was supposed to be… Anyway, Danny knocked me out when I tried to get everyone to leave.
That is always a good sign.
Khin : This scene is, as it should be, a mess of confusion and shouting. As Ellen did, I shouted the truth across the dinner table, and Clem promptly dropped the fork. Duck, surprise surprise, wanted to eat. I’d be curious to see what would have happened if you had just sat down and ate at the start, but that would be a whole different game. Cue a whack to the head.

TWD63 - Danny 01

You awake in a freezer… Cool… -_-

TWD64 - Freezer 01

Larry is banging on the door, Kenny is scanning a wall and Lily is trying to keep everyone calm. Clementine rushes over to you as you awaken and assess the situation. Larry is really going at the door and, unsurprisingly, he suffers from a heart attack. Lily quickly starts giving him CPR as you and Kenny argue over what to do.
Ellen : Kenny jumped straight to killing off Larry. As much as I hated the guy, I defended him as he hadn’t turned yet. Until he showed signs of zombification, I was willing to try and save him. As I stooped down to aid Lily, a salt block was pushed onto Larry skull. Nice one, Kenny… -_-
Khin : In all likelihood, Larry is gone and will turn, but I stuck with Lily on this decision. I wasn’t going to keep CPR up all night, but the guy deserved some help at least. I wasn’t going to smash Duck’s head in ‘just in case’. And that salt block was’t pushed Ellen, it was thrown at the guy’s head. And with no remorse from Kenny.
Ellen : Oh… I thought it was pushed off the stack… Things kicked off and Lily and Kenny continued to argue. Honestly, I was with Lily on this. He wasn’t dead yet and Kenny stepped WAY over the line and I told him straight. Of course, I brought up the Duck situation, but it really wasn’t the same.

TWD68 - Smush 01

In the wake of Larry’s decapitation, you are tasked with finding an escape. A nearby cooling vent seems to be the best course of action, so the pursuit for an item to access it occurs. After wandering about the small room, you establish that Larry had coins in his pockets and they should fit the heads of the screws. With the vent exposed, you and Kenny realise the vent is too small for everyone; well, almost everyone….
Ellen : Clementine volunteered to enter the vent and I made sure that she was okay with it. We quickly hugged and I sent her on her way.

TWD72 - Vent 01

The door pops open and Clementine opens the way for escape. Kenny rushes off to rescue his family while Clementine stays with Lily to help her mourn. Entering the abattoir, Kenny is examining tools and weapons with a view to killing the St John family. Peeking through the doorway, you see Danny sitting at the end of the barn with a gun by his side. Kenny sneaks off towards him.
Ellen : I grabbed a sickle from the slaughter room and followed Kenny, hoping to get to him before he messed up. Instead, Danny started too turn around, so we hid in one of the stables. I waited around because I missed the subtle cue to peek out of the door. When I eventually noticed it, I had the barrel of Danny’s gun in my face.
The following five or six minutes featured death screens as I witnessed Lee’s corpse fall to the ground, again and again…. With the Minimal setting, the lack of hint bubbles really makes these timed sections very hard. If only this was the last time this would occur in this episode…
Khin : I also went with the sickle. I’m not sure it makes a difference in the end, but I was choosing between the sickle and the hay hook. Kenny was mad with me for my decision in the freezer, and wasn’t making the best judgements. It took me two or three goes, even with the bubbles, to get Danny’s gun out my face, after I waited too long and missed the prompt to knock the gun away.

TWD73 - Barn 02

Ellen : After eventually knocking Danny’s gun out of his hand and slamming my sickle in his chest, he pinned Lee against the wall and was about to kill him. I saw Kenny just waiting in the shadows, rather than helping Lee, but was rescued by Lily bursting out of the slaughterhouse with her own sickle. In a bloody mess, Danny fell into a bear trap and Lee ended up skewering Danny on a pitchfork. I immediately regretted this as Clementine witness the incident.
Khin : Up until the bear trap, everything panned out the same for me. I chose not to skewer Danny – he was already trapped, had no obvious way to get out of the trap. It taught Clementine not to be unnecessarily cruel, but that it’s OK to walk away from bad people.
Ellen : Leaving the barn, a red laser waved about in front of Lee, so I followed it to it’s origin and found that Doug and Ben had returned to the farm as the storm rolled in. Lee explained the situation and the plan was to go and rescue Duck and Katjaa. Doug and Ben said they would go round the back and had a little comic relief as they puzzled the right direction. Lee rolled his eyes and moved towards the farm house.
Khin : I left the barn, crouching by the crates to work out my next move. Clearly it involved heading up to the house. Before that can happen, walkers started breaking through the corn field and through the fence. Luckily dead-shot Carley was here to save the day! Although her and Ben had eaten their share, they felt the group had been gone too long and came to investigate.

TWD76 - Danny 02

As you advance on the farm house, Brenda is illuminated in the doorway by a flash of lightning. She calls out before retreating into the hallway. Upon reaching the front door, you see Brenda on the stairs with a gun to Katjaa’s head.
Ellen : With minimal settings, this was easily the most frustrating part of the episode, if not the game so far… The idea, after consulting with Khinjarsi, is that you walk towards Brenda and whenever she points the gun at you, you stop and talk with her until she calms down. With the WASD keys, control is a little floaty and I often stopped pressing W but continued to walk and, subsequently, receive a bullet to the head. I had to reload this section SO many times, my game crashed and I had to leave the computer to cool down… Hmmm….
Khin: Even with a controller and normal settings, there isn’t much in the way of guidance. It took me three goes to get the pacing of walking towards Brenda without getting shot right.

TWD80 - Brenda 04

Brenda continues to back up the stairs and zombie Mark pokes his head through the landing banisters, chomps on Brenda’s neck, releasing Katjaa and giving you the means to escape. Leaving the house, you see Kenny confronting Andy who has a gun to Duck. Kenny goes to grab Duck and gets shot in the stomach.
Ellen : Doug shined his laser pointer in Andy’s eyes and I was able to jump down the hill into him, rolling further down towards the electric fence.
Khin : Since I didn’t have Doug, Lee runs at full pelt towards Andy and the wrestling goes from there.

TWD82 - Andy 05

Then came another sequence of Quick Time Events where Lee and Andy wrestled. The scene concluded with Lee throwing Andy onto the fence and Andy falling onto the ground.
Ellen : I think there was an opportunity to beat up Andy, some more, but my game froze and the next scene I saw was deciding whether to leave with the group or kill Andy, as zombies breached all the fences.
I chose to leave after telling him that his family were all dead. As the group left, I smiled as zombie Brenda rushed out of the house towards Andy.
Khin: I chose not to continue punching Andy, and walked off as I told him his family weren’t going to come help. As the group leave, the zombies that had started to gather make their way towards the barn where Danny is, and to the broken Andy.

TWD85 - Storm 03

Everyone looks pretty trashed and scattered as they walk through the woods, back towards the Motel. You get the opportunity to reflect on the events with a few members of the party.
Ellen : I consoled Clementine, reassured Doug and told Kenny he was in the wrong. I told him that he needs to think about things before he just does them with only his family’s interests.
Clementine was really upset and Dany’s death and was asking me why I did it. I told her that he was a bad man and I was angry, but I shouldn’t have done it; that I knew it was bad immediately. He was audacious enough to tell me that my middling behaviour would cause a rift but, at this point, I am totally with Lily.
Chatting with Doug, I gave him the camera from the bandit camp and he said he should be able to fix it up.
Khin : I reassured Clem, who was a bit concerned about the St. Johns coming back. I tried to keep the group as calm and focussed as I could, although Kenny wasn’t happy with me. You can’t go around smashing someones head in without knowing for sure that person is dead.

TWD87 - Car 01

Further along the road, you discover an abandoned car. On closer inspection, it turns out that the car is packed to the brim with supplies. Clementine worries that the supplies aren’t abandoned, as everyone else starts taking them.
Ellen : Lily and Clementine were both apprehensive about taking the supplies and I agreed with them both. Kenny was all rude and aggressive towards Lee, saying that I ruined their chances at the farm, despite it being a house of cannibals and everyone deciding it was a bad place to be. As the scene resolves, Doug comes over and says he fixed up the camera. He also gave some batteries to Clementine, I assume are for her radio.
Khin : I stuck with Clem on this one, and I think Lily was going through shock. I knew that we needed the supplies, but to override Clem’s moral stance on the matter is likely to cause her problems in the future. Kenny was going to take those things whatever decision was made. At least Katjaa was pleasant enough to offer Clem a jacket for warmth, even if she declined. Carley found some batteries and offered them for Clem’s radio and some for the camcorder Lee found.

TWD88 - Party 02

The last thing you see is the video from the camera. It depicts the crazy lady from the camp watching everyone at the motel, focusing on Clementine. She talks as if Clementine is her own daughter and is whispering things about protecting her and keeping her away from that “bad man.”
The scene glitches and you see a clip of the lady being attacked in a car, but it jumps back to more footage from the motel, before finishing on a close up of her.
Ellen : This was a strange sequence which I don’t remember seeing before. I assume that having Doug in the group allowed this to happen and was a nice reward; very on-theme for his character.
Khin : I got to see the scene too and it panned out the same. As creepy as the video is, it’s a little out of place and doesn’t add a whole lot to the plot.

TWD89 - Video 02

And that is it for Episode 2. Below you can find our final choices. See you in two weeks for Episode 3!

TWD90 - Ellie's Choices 01
Ellen’s choices
Khinjarsi’s choices. Some interesting data here from the community. Despite Larry’s attitude to Lee, a vast majority helped Lily.

Part 3 is now available and you can go straight to it here : “Long Road Ahead”

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