efwaGames : Loot Crate Unboxing, September 2015 – Summon

Hello once again!

I am more than aware that I completely disappeared for a few weeks, and for this I am very sorry. I’ll be completely open and honest: I work a full time job, then around that I have a part time game development job that I do from home, then I work on my YouTube channel AND I have a family, featuring a 10.5 month old daughter.
Suffice to say, my free time is very limited or, otherwise non-existent.
Basically, I forgot to make my posts on here, often until a day or two after when they were meant to go live. Again, I am sorry to both you readers and the other contributors on this blog.

I have returned this week, sadly not with an I Am Alive video (though there is hope that soon Niki and I will be able to get together to continue the series), but instead with another Loot Crate unboxing. This month the theme is ‘Summon’.
I honestly can’t remember if we got given any clues as to what we might receive except for a Supernatural exclusive – that was good enough for me! I am a big fan of that show and have happily turned others into big fans.

So click below to find out what other goodies I’ve been sent, and if you would like to set up your own Loot Crate subscription then follow the link here.


If you aren’t aware, Loot Crate is an organization that put together a monthly care-package to those whom set up a subscription and, though they are based in America, they ship to many countries (check here for the full list). They originally just filled each package with a random collection of geeky items, but as of some time last year they started doing themed packages – e.g. Villians, Fantasy, etc. Obviously I’m not sure exactly how much each package costs the guys at Loot Crate to make, but they have previously stated that their aim is to provide recipients with a package filled with goodies that would add up to more than they are actually spending on their subscriptions – this being done through deals, agreements, and offers they arrange with various companies.

This video was wholly created by Kurt.

This video originally aired on 28th September, 2015.

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