Ellie’s Adventures With Pokemon : Part 01 [ And Some Life Bits ]

On Monday, I moved from the English countryside to the capital city…
This was a HUGE change for me; not just environmentally, but all round.
I packed up my things. in preparation for University, and came across my 3DS. Having given it little attention at home, partly due to bigger consoles and a lack of Streetpass potential, I decided this would be the time to give it a go. I packed up my two games; Pokemon White and a borrowed copy of Phoenix Wright and set off to relocate.
I moved in my things and tried to make a new home for myself; a sanctuary to retreat to when things got too crazy. It didn’t feel right, the first night and I went out to a social event. Before leaving, I remembered the 3DS and flicked on the wireless. I dropped it in my handbag and didn’t give it another thought until I returned.

On my return journey, I noticed a CEX store just down from my room and planned to visit the following day. I got home and was surprised by how excited I was to find four Streetpass Notifications! FOUR!
I played my little games with them and revelled in my glee; I know, right?! Lame! It was exciting for me, so there. =P

I dropped into Phoenix Wright to end the day and was shocked at how close I was to the end. One more case… I have heard nightmarish things about this one, but even so, things would be coming to a conclusion in no time and Phoenix Wright isn’t the easiest game to drop in and out of. With this in mind, I decided that maybe it would be worth checking back in on my ancient Pokemon. It was not to be, as I found the case empty…
“Good one, Ellie. You should know to check the cases before you pack them, duh?!” I thought to myself. “Oh well, it is even more imperative that I go to CEX now.”

The following day I went and purchased Pokemon White 2. I thought it would be kinda nice to start two new adventures at the same time; my own University one and my Pokemon one.
With that in mind, I thought it might also be fun to share my journey with you through diary entries. They won’t be as rigorously scheduled as my normal posts, but they may drop in place of an article every so often… We shall see how it goes, eh?

  • Day 01
    Today, my mother came home from work with a big smile on her face. She said she had received a call from an old friend of her’s: Professor Juniper! Without any real context, she asked me if I wanted a Pokémon?!
    I mean, of course I do, but what?!
    She followed it up with asking me about Pokédex and whether I knew what they were. I said yes, but I’m not entirely sure… They are like dictionaries of Pokémons, right? Apparently they record data immediately, which is a bit weird, but I just nodded along. I just wanted a damned pokémon already! Like, you don’t offer someone a pokémon and then blabber on about other stuff instead…
    Anyway, my mum told me that there was already a girl looking for me, to give me my pokémon. Her name was Green Hat and she had a Bianca on, or something. I dunno… I kinda phased out but woke up when my mother asked if I knew how to open a bag… Seriously?! Yeah, mum. I know how to open my bag!
    So yeah, Bianca Hat might be lost and I had to go and find her, so I ran off to see where this Green wearing girl was…I had literally walked six steps out of the door when you-know-who arrived. Not Ol’ Voldy; that turd-for-brains, Trevor! *sigh*
    He sauntered up and was all “Hey’ you got a pokémon yet?” and I’m all “No, cos you got in my way, you poop!” Obviously I didn’t say that, but that guy is such a pain… Basically, he only cared because he wanted someone to battle his piece-of-scum pokémon against. No-one else cares, around here, because they have other interests.
    Like Cheryl and her pasta tower models. They are so cool! I must get one, sometime.
    Anyway, as I was saying, Trevor just shoved his nose in my business and suddenly wanted to help me find Green with her Hat Bianca, just so we can rush into a fight. Like, I don’t even wanna fight him. I wanna pummel his face into the ground, and I would have but his sister was with him. She was cute and told me to look after my pokémon. Of course I am going to, but it was nice of her to actually care, unlike Trevor.
    He went a bit cryptic and said he needed someone he could trust, so he could do a thing… I had already tired of his nonsense so I just smiled and nodded along… Again, I came back round when he said the must bullshit thing. He turned to his sister and blatantly said “You head on home.” and she just did as she said. I guess she is younger than him and all, but she should still be her own woman. She won’t be living the dream with a submissive attitude like that, y’know?
    Trevor  then had the audacity to tell me to go on my own hunt for Hat. Like, I would have found her if you hadn’t got in the way, Trevor?!
    I walked around town a bit and saw this girl with green hair… She wasn’t BiancHat, so I decided to go to the town Outlook. Halfway up, Trevor tries to take credit for my idea. “Oh, I’ll bet GreenHata will be up there!”
    Yeah, Trevor. I had figured that out already which is why we were going there. Why are you even here; I don’t like you?!
    Lo and behold, the GreenAnca with the BiHat was up there. She asked me if I knew where she could find Ellie and she blushed when she realised the error of her ways. I smiled as she recovered from her embarrassment.
    Turns out, She wants me to fill out this Pokédex thing for her and Juniper. I said I’d help… At this point, I would have done anything just to get this pokémon!
    She opened up this weird tube and I had three pokéballs to choose from. I touched the middle one and BiancEen said it was a Tepig. It sounded cute, so I took it; turns out I was right. He is hella-cute! =D She said I could give it a nickname; no-brainer! And so I became the owner of Sproinkles! She gave me that Pokédex thing too. It’s kinda cool. It is pink and black, so I approve; it goes well with my pink collection of bags.
    I turned around and that poo-head Trevor jumps towards me all “How long are you gonna be?” This sin’t all about you, Trevor! This is MY adventure?! He had the audacity to quote his own sister and try and claim it as his own “wise words.” He saw my Pokédex and convinced BiHatCa to give him one. This guy just has to muscle in on everything… GreeHatA looked pretty confused, but just gave him a Pokédex. We exchanged a knowing glance of “just get rid of the nut job…”
    I almost snuck away when he challenged me to a battle…
    He said he would use his Oshawott which he raised from an egg. How weird is that, right? Sproinkles whipped his tail about and charged at the Otter thing and it fell over. Trevor was all “I’ll make you pay for the pain you caused” but I just let Sproinkles carry on. I mean, I have JUST got this fire pig thing and already I am better than you, Trevor?!
    Trevor was like “Yeah, whatever. This is different to my usual battles.” and ran off.
    Hata was all kind and supportive and showed me where to get Sproinkles healed up. It was cool, but a little rushed. My head was spinning by the end of it… Like, I just wanted a cute friend. If it was up to me, Sproinjkles wouldn’t have got hurt, in the first place.
    And then it was like Christmas came early… GreeCa gave me a handful of Pokéballs and my mother bought me some running shoes?! She is lovely, but she doesn’t usually buy me shoes out of the blue. Weird… Anyway, I decided to run home and write this, so I think it is time to rest for the next day of adventure. HatCa said to meet her on Route 19, wherever that is? I’ll have to read a map or something… *groan*

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