Y’know Those “Big Changes” You Mentioned…?

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned some big, life changes potentially occurring. It would seem that those WILL be occurring and that I will soon be leaving my idyllic country homestead and moving into the capital city; London.
I will be attending university and hoping to continue writing with Upon Completion, alongside my studies, but you never know how things will turn out.
My anxiety tells me it will turn bad, quickly; I am trying to convince myself otherwise…

So, yeah…
I have spent the last week or so, desperately looking for accommodation and generally panicking. This means that my game playing hasn’t been the most efficient and I have really only been replaying games I have previously mentioned. Hearthstone, as usual, and I have been returning to Arstotzka to feed my family and the like.
I have dabbled with a board game or two, but nothing spectacular; play-testing one and learning another with my mother.

I am hoping the fortnightly schedule of UC Gaming Club will be workable as I am enjoying the revisit to The Walking Dead. I also intend to finish the other big project I teased; it may just take longer than I planned.

That is my little update. I know I don’t earn anything from this blog, or really have any commitments to it, but it gives me a routine and structure. It gives me a little purpose and an outlet for my writing as well as a justification to play some of the games in my Steam Library.
It also makes me smile when my ramblings get likes; thank you “sevenflorins” for brightening many a day in this girl’s life. ^^

I shall leave it there for now,