efwaGames : I am Alive, part 6


You may or may not remember (it’s alright if you don’t, I won’t mind… *sobs*), we are currently on an epic quest to scale a building in hopes to claim the treasure that is: medical supplies. We need to help Mei – a very sick little girl we found alone; someone we know is subject to being chased and kidnap attempts (see part 3) – so obviously the first thing we did was leave her in a random spot in the ruins of the mall and venture out alone.

Anyway, enough of how much of an awesome father-figure and hero we are. The supplies are dangling precariously from the top of a tall building, and we have now made it to the lower portion of said building. All we have to do is get to the top. Easy, right?

This video was wholly created by Kurt, with additional input by Niki. “I Am Alive” was created by Ubisoft and, for the sake of the future of his baby daughter, Kurt claims no ownership over it.

This video originally aired on 9th August, 2015.

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