A Busy Week… Hearthstone Too!

Unfortunately, I have not had time to create a full post this week.

I have been all over the place and not really had time to play anything…. I’m still working my way through Dante’s Inferno, but most of my gaming time has been spent playing Hearthstone.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.36.46

For those who haven’t heard of Blizzard’s quickest-earning game, Hearthstone is a digital, collectible card game. It takes the core concept of Magic, The Gathering and translates it to an easier-to-access game, better suited for mobile platforms.
The game has been out in the world for almost two years and has had two solo expansions and, very shortly, two booster expansions. This means that while it is building in content and complexity, it is still a young game and very accessible to new players.

It utilises free-to-play mechanics to get players to continue playing the game, but everything in the game can be bought with the in-game currency. So if you are enjoying the game and playing lots, you will be able to earn your way towards new booster packs or new solo adventures.
For those who don’t want to wait, Blizzard are more than happy to take your money and give you content, that way.

I have dabbled with Hearthstone on-and-off throughout it’s life cycle and I have always come back to it. It features nice artwork, pleasant music and engaging gameplay.

If you like card games and rarely have people to play with, Hearthstone is a great way to get your fix.
If you like simple games to pick and play for a few minutes, Hearthstone also works for that.
Basically, it’s good.


Ellen took her screenshots by herself and the content is owned by Blizzard. Maybe if she earns enough Gold, maybe she can buy the game from them? =D

Last played 20/08/15 but not completed… I don’t think it can be completed… =O

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