efwaGames : I am Alive, part 4

Greetings, weary traveller… I honestly have no idea how many unique openings to these posts I’ll be able to come up with. Count along and we can find out together!

Anyway, following on from the last video, we’ve solved the mystery of the little girl and are now on our way to take her for a day of shopping at the mall. We thought we’d treat her to some new clothes and toys. Oh, and maybe some medicine to stop her dying (it’s not said that she is actually dying, but we’ll assume just to make this grand outing all the grander).

Sadly the mall is in something of a state of disrepair, and it’s quite easy to lose your way. Shame there isn’t a way that our objective could be highlighted in some way… I guess we’ll just have to rely on our street smarts to find what we’re looking for. Because, you know, we’re really smart and there’s no way anything would slip our attention.

This video was wholly created by Kurt, with additional input by Niki. “I Am Alive” was created by Ubisoft and Kurt claims no ownership over it.

This video originally aired on 2nd July, 2015.