Toast Time – Bread For Perfection!

I have no idea where I got Toast Time, so I can’t work my usual introduction… It probably came from a Humble Bundle and is available for Steam and Android.

TT02 - Menu 01 - ggpht

Toast Time is a mobile game in which you are a toaster protecting a clock from… critters? The story isn’t exactly the most intricate piece. It is a simple concept. You fire toast at the enemies to kill them. The recoil from the toast allows you to move about the stage and reposition for more accurate shots. The more enemies you kill in quick succession while keeping off the floor, the higher your combo builds. At certain multipliers, you gain extra bonuses such as COFFEE MODE at x20, giving you extra speed… And a tastier breakfast. And that is pretty much the game. There are a series of “worlds” which change the aesthetic of the game, but the core gameplay stays the same.

TT04 - Gameplay 01 - androidshock

This sounds like it could get stale very quickly, but to keep the itself interesting, the game spreads a number of extras across itself. Some stages have you using a limited number of bread slices, while others have a target score to attain. The real variety comes in the form of the different breads you can load your toaster with. During a stage, you will see crates falling from the sky. If you it one with a piece of toast, you get a new bread type to shoot. The more crates you break, the more bread type you unlock as the game progresses.
The first new bread you unlock takes the form of Toasties. These fire in two parts allowing for multi-kills in small groups. The second bread allows you to load baguettes into your toasting heart. These can be fired into the ground and then release their little segmented slices into the surrounding area. I guess they are more like Garlic Baguettes rather than traditional baguettes. These soon ramp up to explosive Bread Pudding and rapid-fire flurries of Mini Bread Slices. These all give the player the opportunity to revisit older stages with the new bread types and mix up the gameplay.

TT05 - Gameplay 02

Talking of replay value, the game features the classic mobile condiment of star-ratings. Based on a pair of objectives, you can earn up to three stars on each level. You are given a target score and a target number of bread crates to open. Achieve both of these and successfully protect the breakfast clock from the enemies and you should always get a full three stars.

As I mentioned earlier, the more crates you collect, the more bread types you unlock. What I didn’t mention was the addition of customisation items, allowing you to dress Terry the Toaster as you desire. It is purely cosmetic, but it does make the game that bit cuter! This takes me on to the visual, pixel style, which I really like. The game features a simple, contrasting art style. The game is primarily black and white pixel art with single coloured backgrounds, featuring a greater level of detail. All of the sprites have cute little faces and everything feels suitably quaint.

TT03 - Pixels 01

Overall, my heart has been warmed during my time with Terry. He made me smile as he popped slices of toast about farmyards, pyramids and palaces. The chip-tuney music is very fitting, but a little tedious. That being said, the game is design to be picked up and played in small chunks, rather than an intense gaming session.

If you want a light-hearted, breakfast-themed shooter to play during the lulls of your day, Toast Time could be a good choice for you.

Ellen pinched these photos from the Google Play Store; fair use and all that. The Images depict work by Force Of Habit games.
She would have used screenshots, but her phone perplexes her and there was too many toasted goods to devour. =P

Last played on 30/07/15 for Android.

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