MCM London Comic Con Report

This last weekend, Friday 22nd of May to Sunday 24th of May, was MCM’s London Comic Con. Some of us went to the convention and witnessed Comic Con in all it’s glory. One of us was a returning visitor (Khinjarsi: me!) while the rest were newbies to the convention experience, so we thought it might be fun to have a shared report-like discussion on the event. Y’know, mix up our content a bit. =D
We all went by public transport from Khinjarsi’s lair – train, tube, walking – which meant a very early start for some of us.

Still, a large proportion of attendees travel to the Excel Centre by public transport so seeing fellow cosplayers and con-goers getting on the tube in full costume isn’t uncommon.

DSCF6028Comic Con celebrates all forms of “geek culture” and one of the big themes is cos-playing. What was your favourite cos-play of the day, if any?
Ellen : I have a lot of affection for Hatsune Miku in all her forms and there were several Miku cosplays that I saw across the day. That being said, I think my favourite was the Jolteon cosplay. She was so cuddly and such an accommodating cosplayer; lovely. =] DSCF6064 Khinjarsi : I was really fond of the Klonoa wandering around and the group of Skyrim cosplayers. Such effort had gone into each of their costumes! And note to self, take Elle with you when you’d like to get photos – she just goes and asks, while I sit there sheepishly.
Ellen : I’d like to think people want to show off their costumes and would be honoured to have their photos taken. I may be wrong, but no-one has declined yet. =]
Thero : I really liked the Belle in the yellow ball gown and the couple cosplaying as Hercules and Meg. There was also a great Natsu, from Fairy Tail, cosplayer.

DSCF6054 Of the whole day, what did you think was the best bit?
Ellen : My favourite bit was easily the amount of Asian culture that was on show. I was surprised by how much Anime, Manga, J-Music and Fashion there was. I knew that there would be a some Asian Cuisine in the Pop Asia district but I wasn’t aware how much more there would be. A host of pleasant surprises. =D
Khinjarsi : I love the pop-asia section. Finding/buying Asian, particularly Japanese, snacks and treats is hard in the UK and London is usually the place to go. With many of the bigger stores holding promos here I managed to stock up on treats – that may or may not have largey been eaten.
Ellen : You certainly did buy some quirky food things. I kinda wish I had bought some of that Macha Tea flavoured Pocky… That was surprisingly good. =D
Khinjarsi : Pocky is good, generally, and it can be ordered online. 🙂 Were there any other bits of the show you liked?
Ellen : I did like the artist area with the… artists. It was a bit quieter and there was a bit more space between the tables. The problem was that I didn’t recognise any of them, and there were a lot of artists there… I suddenly felt quite ignorant and I almost felt as if I didn’t deserve to go and speak with them. There was some incredible artwork on display and I had no clue of the artist or the comics / novels they were from. It was quite good for drawing attention to new stories though. I’m a little elitist with my graphic novels in that I do require a certain standard of art to encourage me to read into a piece. I kinda went on a bit there… Yourself, Thero? =]
Thero : Demoing Lego Jurassic World was cool but I pretty much enjoyed all of it. I agree about the pop-asia section and I am now a convert to Pocky!
Khinjarsi : Ah, Comic Village. I am a fan of most of the art, but since I don’t know the comics etc, I feel a bit like an intruder. Otherwise, I like all the different stalls that are there, things you wouldn’t normally see if you’re just browsing the internet. Like shoulder dragons.
Ellen : Oh, shoulder dragons?! I totally forgot about them! I need to find that business card and check their website. =D

Likewise, which part did you think was the worst bit?
Ellen : The worst aspect of the convention for me was probably just the sheer number of people. I know it was Comic Con and it was in London, but there were a LOT of people. This was closely followed by my lack of money. =P
Also, nowhere seemed to have any Cardcaptor Sakura books or DVDs. I did see a set of Clow Cards though! =D
Khinjarsi : My gosh it was busy! I think the hardest things to cope with when you go for a day instead of the weekend is balancing money, purchases and seeing everything you want to see. There were so many things I would have liked to get but couldn’t because of money. With it being so busy, it was hard to chat to stall holders about their products and buy things.
Thero: I have to agree with you both, the sheer number of people and how busy it was, was probably the worst bit. DSCF6036As Thero mentioned earlier, one of the big draws was the first playable demo of Lego Jurassic World. Do you have any thoughts on it?
Ellen : Lego Jurassic World was pretty good fun. All my opinions on Lego games apply, but now you have dinosaurs to control… And Jeff Goldblum! Need I say any more? =D
Actually, I will. I did notice the inclusion of “Quick Time Events” in this Lego game, but they were attached to arbitrary tasks. This wouldn’t be so bad if the tasks couldn’t have simply been completed with a single button press. I mean, I would have understood if it was to stop players from accidentally leaving a zone or triggering the next story event, but this was just the standard-fair Lego puzzle solving… But taking much longer due to “innovation”…. *yawn*
Khinjarsi : My favourite book is Jurassic Park, and I grew up loving dinosaurs (and went to study Geology at A Level). With the recent improvements in the Lego series, I was super excited to see Lego dinosaurs and when Lego Jeff Goldblum appeared I think that made it a definite purchase when I get a PS4! I got to ride around as a Lego Triceratops!
Thero : Thanks to my brother, I didn’t get to be a Triceratops… but I did enjoy the demo! Based on the demo, it looks like its going to be a solid Lego game and one I’ll probably buy.

Did you buy anything?
Ellen : I did! I finally bought the Funko Pop vision of Hatsune Miku who has proven quite illusive for me, until now. =]
I also bought a couple piece of art from a young Anime artist and a nice fan for my Lolita ensembles. ^^ Khinjarsi : Probably too much! Lots of snacks, some Doctor Who tea, couple of birthday presents and some Professor Genki leggings courtesy of Insert Coin Clothing, which I had had my eye on for months! DSCF6071 Thero : Yep! A Happy (from Fairy Tail) soft toy, quite a few Pocky snacks (most of which have now been eaten…), some Eevee phone charms and an Eevee hat. I would like to thank Ellen and Khinjarsi in helping me find the hat!
Khinjarsi : You’re quite welcome thero – next time you come cosplaying Eevee, yeah?
Ellen : No problem, sweetpea. =D

Did you have any regrets from the convention?
Ellen : My only regret was not having enough money. I wish that I could have bought a few more of the unique / hard-to-get-hold-of items which I saw.
Khinjarsi : I will be saving for next year as soon as possible. All kidding aside, I regret wearing my heels as part of my cosplay. Also, not trying some of the street food they had hidden away on the other side of the centre.
Ellen : There were more strange foods available?! Why weren’t we there?
Thero : Probably not finding the programme guides as soon as we could, it would have certainly helped earlier in the day! And like you both said, bringing more money would have helped.
Khinjarsi: I agree with Thero – the programmes need to be available somewhere more accessible by doors, or even if the map can be given out at the doors, since I’m not sure how many people knew the layout before they got there. Even just a rough guide to where people can meet.

Will you be going to future conventions?
Ellen : I would definitely like to go again and I would like to actually cosplay, next time. It was a hell of an experience and one that I would like to repeat again. While the initial mystique has been broken, I now have an idea of what to expect and could prepare myself better for subsequent conventions. =]
This was a real blast and I thank Khinjarsi for inviting me; I would never have gone, otherwise.
Khinjarsi : This was my second Comic Con, the last being October 2014. I love attending and being part of a massive community who respect each other and the work that goes into the costumes and products. I think next time I’d love to get a two day or weekend pass and attend one of the quieter days and enjoy both the shopping and the experience. And also, I should start my costume earlier.
Thero : Definitely! The whole day was amazing and I certainly know what to expect next time. I’m not sure I would cosplay next time, but I’ll think about it. 🙂

All photos in this post were taken by Khinjarsi, any of cosplay were taking after asking the individuals involved. If you see yourself/your costume here and you want it removed, get in touch and I’ll gladly oblige.
Needless to say, none of the photos are for monetary gain from any at Upon Completion.

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