On starting again

A few weeks ago, I discovered my beloved PS Vita had disappeared, likely stolen. Being the responsible adult I am occasionally, I contacted my local police to check it hadn’t been handed in, and reported it stolen. Fast forward through insurance claims and whatnot, and today my shiny new replacement turned up. Except it’s not quite what I was expecting. My original was an OLED PS Vita that took some digging to find. My new replacement, which I thought was an OLED, is not. It’s a Slim. I’ve come to terms with the fact that the chances of me ever finding a like for like replacement are thin, so instead, I’m going to look at my fresh start with a new Vita.

PS Vita OLED (top) and Slim (bottom) – http://www.product-reviews.net/wp-content/uploads/ps-vita-oled-vs-lcd.jpg

On first opening, the box itself is slightly smaller, and more compact in it’s packing. Along with the console changes, the Slim Vita comes with a Micro USB cable and AC adapter, as it now charges using Micro USB instead of a proprietary charger. All the normal paperwork is there, guarantees and whatnot. And then we open the console. The changes made to the new one start with the dimensions and colour changes. Gone is the silver edging and squared off shoulder buttons. Instead a matte black, more rounded machine, with what seems to be less empty space between buttons and screen. The grips on the reverse are slightly easier to rest on, and even the top has had a change around. The cart slot is more central, there are now power lights instead of a light Playstation button, and the whole look of buttons and machine is, as I said, more rounded.

The tops of both an OLED (top) and a Slim (bottom) – “http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s–h0UqwiXo–/c_fit,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/khs01wfyw5lsbtndo1dc.jpg”

The most noticeable change to the Vita is the weight. As is often the case with redesigns in consoles. The newer versions are lighter and slimmer. Boy has the Vita lost weight. It’s now so light and skinny that I really feel I may snap it if I play too hard or get too frustrated. It doesn’t even weigh as much to hold as my trusty DS Lite. I actually prefer having some weight in my consoles. Not only does it then feel like a substantial piece of kit, but it means I won’t be having ridiculous  play sessions simply because I can’t hold it for hours on end. The big question ultimately comes down to how it functions. Is the screen so different as initial reviews suggested? No. Given that i don’t have the two versions side by side, I can’t really tell all that much. I don’t spend a lot of time looking at how deep the blacks are. I miss the ‘pop’ of the colours I had with the OLED, but until I load up Persona 4 and FFX, I can’t truly see the difference. The first game I put in the slot with this new machine was Touch My Katamari. I’m a big fan of the Katamari Damacy series and needed to get my rolling up things hit. Playing with the new button designs and feel, there was a significant difference in how the Start/Select buttons felt, and the buttons were audibly clicking. Whether this noise will lessen with time has yet to be seen, but it did bother me initially. The long and short of it boils down to this; Do I miss the OLED Vita? Yes. Yes I do. If I have no other choice(and I’m speaking to the seller about this later in the week), then, at the end of the day, a Vita is still a Vita and I’ll get back to playing Persona. If I can get an OLED, I’ll be much happier.   Khinjarsi claims no ownership of the pictures in this post, and they belong to their respective owners. She’ll also stop complaining shortly.

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