Little Inferno – Flamin’ Simple Fun

Good day to you all. It has been a long ol’ time since my last post and many things have changed. One thing that has stayed constant is my interest in games, though my platforms for enjoyment have broadened to include the gaming haven that is Steam. “Ooooos” and “Ahhhhs” are sure to follow, I’m certain. =P

LI 01 Intro

Now, for those who aren’t aware, the folks over at The Humble Bundle offer up huge collections of games for very small fees, many of which are Steam compatible. Over the last year or two I was in employment,  bought many a bundle but never actually got around to playing them, but now that I am a student and I’m poor once again, I suddenly have a 100+ collection of new games to play… And play them I shall… And report on them poorly I shall endeavour to, too! With all of that out of the way, the game I have been dabbling with the most, lately, has been Little Inferno which is pronounced “Leeeeeeeeeeetel Iiiiiiinfaaaaaiiiiirrrrnooooooo.”

LI 02 TitleThis is a port from the Android mobile platform, I believe and has a very simple, yet engaging premise. You are a child living in a world which is in the midst of a new ice-age. Your only possession seems to be the Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace.

LI 03 Fireplace

To keep warm and somehow run an economy, your role is to buy things from an ever-expanding array of catalogues and burn the items, before buying more. As you buy more and more things, you receive letters from a handful of characters in the world. These correspondents take the form of a fellow Inferno Enthusiast, The Weatherman above the chimneys and the Head of the Tomorrow Corporation. Whether you wish to keep their letters of continue stoking the flames is up to you. Like I said, it is simple.

LI 05 Catalogue

You could very easily run through the whole game, just buying items and burning them to generate more money and continue to rinse and repeat until the end-game occurs. But that would be dull, no?

This is where Little Inferno adds it’s complexity and puzzle element! It adds COMBOS!

LI 06 CombosThe combos encourage you to apply some mental processing to your choices of items, before burning them to ash. If you can suss out which items the cryptic titles are related to and burn items together, you will get some bonus cash and coupons! There are 99 of these to add depth to the game an they become accessible as you purchase more catalogues and items.

Rumour has it, that there is a secret 100th combo, but I couldn’t possibly confirm such a thing… *shifty eyes*

And that is the game. You buy things, burn them and buy more things. A sweet little story unfolds alongside the pyromania and the soundtrack is ditsy but endearing. Also, the game looks gorgeous. The flame effects are entrancing, just like a real flame and the way the fires die down to embers before flickering out of existence into a pile of ash is mesmerising.LI 04 BurningIf it isn’t apparent, I really like this game. I often have it on in the background of coursework, production or just to unwind for a few minutes. It’s mobile-based nature makes it very easy to pick up and play for 10/15 minutes before getting into another project. That being said, it is very minimalistic as far as gameplay is concerned and it may only appeal to those who enjoy a cognitive massage every so often. I’d definitely endorse it to anyone who likes puzzles and has Steam or an Android phone. =]

Ellie out.

All picture used are depicting property owned by The Tomorrow Corporation, though these pictures were actually taken by Ellen! Yeah, she knows how to screen-cap and actually played a game which she could do this for; crazy right?! I wonder if this will become a regular thing? I dunno… I think Halo Reach is the next article… Actually, that is REALLY old, even by Ellie’s standards…. Let’s just wait and see. =D

Completed multiple times but most recently on the 05/03/15.

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