A Return

Hello readers, Khinjarsi here, and welcome back to Upon Completion. Summer is finally upon us here in the UK, and with it a renewed desire to get blogging. Here at UC, we’ve spent our short hiatus catching up on games, work and our reading, and are eager to return with updates, reviews and our opinions. With that, some ideas we have planned for the near future.

A ‘first impressions’ set of posts. Based on games we haven’t enjoyed playing and have put down again, games we want to review but need to play more of, and shorter games that aren’t really worth a review time-wise but we want to feature.

Books, and more films/movies. Ellen has her Horror Hammer series. With that in mind, we’re hoping to occasionally post up some books you might like, books we like and want to share, and perhaps branch out into a few more movie genres.

A schedule of sorts. UC is very much a casual blog; we post when we have something we want to share, and not to a particular schedule. Having said that, the three of us have decided that we’d like certain days when we publish our own posts. I will have Tuesdays, Ellen will be on Thursdays and TMG on Saturdays. This way we don’t have to figure out who’s turn it is to post, and we can post as much as we like on those days. Multi-author posts we have yet to figure out.


At the moment, these are the key things we have been discussing as a group. If there’s something you readers would like to see from us, or if you’d like to write for us, let us know in the comments! Hopefully the next post you see will be actual content, most likely from me. Until then, thanks for reading!