Horror Hammer : Saw


Saw 1

Where do I start with Saw?

I really like this film. This is a cool film and I feel it deserves more respect than it has received. Saying that, I’m basing the level of respect it gets, on that of my peers’ opinions.
From talking to many who haven’t seen the film, Saw is perceived as a bloodbath; Axe Murderer XIV : Splattergut Surgery. Y’know, your typical slasher film…
This is far from the truth… Saw is clever. It throws twists and turns that are totally legitimate.

Well, at least the first few films are intelligent…

I’m not going to spoil too much of the premise, because I think this film is fantastic and don’t want to ruin it.
I recommend that everyone watches this film, if not for entertain, for the social dynamics that occur within it.

“I want to play a game…”

Saw 5

In most cases, people would answer “Sure, sounds fun. Pong rocks! Let’s play Pong!”

Saw 6 - PONG
This guy on the left sucks at Pong?! =O

When you are playing for your life, in the case of Jigsaw’s victims, you probably are gonna shit your pants before getting the lo’ down on your parameters.

Jigsaw, or The Jigsaw Killer, for those of you who aren’t acquainted, has been involved in a number of deaths across the city. People are being found in the throes of all manner of macabre.

The next two victims, or protagonists[?], wake up in an abandoned public toilet facility. One is told he can save his family if he kills the other guy in six hours.
The majority of the film from here on out could be turned into a stage production, in my opinion. The film focuses on the interactions between two people being faced with pretty harsh circumstances and trying to find a way out, in which they both survive. This social situation is spliced between flashbacks to previous “Jigsaw Killer” incidents and the police trying to hunt the killer, which seem to be there to flesh out the world and provide a bit more action to an otherwise slow-burn of a film.
Yeah, Saw is a slow-burner… Honest…

Saw 2.2

Saw 2

Obviously, the piece escalates to a point and *the scene* comes around, but even that is delivered in a well produced manner. It provides intensity but also has the viewer creating a lot more of the image themselves, than actually being shown the act, itself.
For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, watch the film and you’ll know.

I find it a thoroughly engaging piece and visually quite pleasing, as well. The main stage, the decrepit toilet, looks absolutely disgusting; just as you’d expect. The “traps” that Jigsaw creates are cruel and menacing; just as you’d expect. And the actors are surprisingly believable, probably because they are no-bodys; just as you’d expect… With the exception of Danny Glover…?

Saw 7

Yeah, he’s in Saw! He plays an obsessed detective, hellbent on catching the Jigsaw Killer, so much so that he lets his guard down a little too low…
You shall have to watch to find out what happens!

As far as the gore is concerned, a lot of it is implied, in Saw. The bloody messes that await the police, in the wake of Jigsaw’s victims, are pretty horrendous, but they are the still remains and actually presented tastefully. The flashbacks to the events are shot quickly and provide enough information to understand what you are seeing, yet leave the conclusion up to your imagination.
I feel Jame’s Wan did a good job directing this.
While on the direction, they were a couple of shots I really liked in this film, actually. One of which is where the camera spins around a central figure as they are coming to terms with their mechanised fate. The way that all the background blurs and the character is panicking gave me a really good sense of, my favourite made-up word, franticity. You truly get the feeling of sudden understanding and dread looming. All of this is conveyed in about 8-10 seconds. Great shot, in my opinion.

Saw 3

Other than those few points, I’m kind of at a loss of what to say. I don’t wanna spoil this film for those of you who haven’t seen it, but I can’t say much else because of that. The real shame with this series is that I feel it really lost it’s plot by the end of Saw 3. There is a strong message that Jigsaw is trying to send to his victims and that is all forgotten by the time Saw 7 is flashing up shots of the latest deathtrap…

Either way,
If I were forced to give a rating, it’d be 9 blood splats out of 10 disembowelments, but I don’t really go for ratings…
I highly recommend you give the film a look and let me know what you think. Hahaha

“Game Over…”

[ Yeah, I know that this wasn’t the scathing blog I was gonna write. It is just so hard to will myself to watch this mysteriously awful film… =O ]

Horror Hammer is written by Ellen and her multifaceted headspace. No-one mentioned quality control, as this page shows.
All pictures are sourced from the social mess known as THE internet and Ellen neither claims to own them, nor wants to own them.

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